Turtle Diary (1985) -
Executive Producer Peter Snell
Adapted by Harold Pinter from the novel by Russell Hoban, Turtle Diary stars Glenda Jackson as Neaera Duncan, a famed author/illustrator of children's books. In the midst of her success, Duncan suffers from writer's block. While casting about for new ideas, she makes several visits to the turtle tank at the local aquarium, where she becomes acquainted with shy bookstore clerk William Snow (Ben Kingsley). From this point on, nothing is in the least predictable. Screenwriter Pinter has a cameo role as "Man in Bookshop." Turtle Diary was the maiden effort of United British Artists, a consortium consisting of Glenda Jackson, Harold Pinter, and producer Richard Johnson (who also appears in the film). Stars Harold Pinter, Glenda Jackson, Ben Kingsley, Richard Johnson, Michael Gambon,
Director John Irvin.

Turtle Diary (1985)   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090219/