The Crucifer Of Blood (1991) -
Executive Producer Peter Snell
Filmed in England, The Crucifer Of Blood is a made-for-cable movie filmed for Turner Network Television. Charlton Heston portrays the Great Detective, aided by Richard Johnson as faithful Dr. Watson. The storyline, based on Conan Doyle's "Sign of Four", involves intrigues set in India during a native mutiny in the 1850s. A murder was committed over a valuable treasure, and the four British military officers responsible signed a pact of secrecy. Three decades later in 1887, the four men find their past catching up with them in a most fatal manner. The Crucifer Of Blood is directed with verve and style by Frasier C. Heston, son of star Charlton Heston, and also stars Edward Fox and Simon Callow.

The Crucifer Of Blood (1991)