Letters From A Killer (1998) -
Producer Peter Snell
A man is falsely convicted of the murder of his wife. During his time in jail, he finds comfort from four women with whom he corresponds. After his second court appearance, he is finally freed from prison only to be framed for yet two more murders which he did not commit. Starring Patrick Swayze and directed by David Carson. Letters From A Killer was a tricky production as filming was halted for two months due to Patrick Swayze suffering serious injuries after he fell off his horse and hit a tree, ending up with both legs broken. Swayze was reported to be having trouble resuming his very successful career until some months later but eventually succumbed to cancer in 2010 after a long and courageous battle, typical of his character both on and off screen.

Letters From A Killer (1998)   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119522/