Antony & Cleopatra (1972) -
Producer Peter Snell.
Directed by Charlton Heston from a screenplay by Federico De Urrutia. It follows the relationship between Cleopatra and Mark Antony from the time of the Parthian War to Queen Cleopatra's suicide. The major antagonist is Octavius Caesar, one of Antony's fellow triumviri and the future first emperor of Rome. The tragedy is characterised by swift, panoramic shifts in geographical locations, alternating between sensual, imaginative Alexandria and the more pragmatic, austere Rome. Stars Charlton Heston, Hildegard Neil, Eric Porter, Fernando Rey. Heston had played Mark Antony in two other Shakespearean films - the 1970 film, Julius Caesar, also pro-duced by Peter Snell, and a 1950 film, Julius Caesar.

Antony & Cleopatra (1972)